About the Creators:

David Jordan is an interactive designer from Cary, North Carolina. Primarily working in web design, he is fluent in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript and uses these skills to create work involving social issues, humor, and/or abstraction.

Alex Fresa is a multimedia artist and designer based in North Carolina. Incorporating skills in web interactivity and graphic design with his experience in video and audio production, he strives to explore the ways in which cultural interfaces and other new media devices impact the contemporary world and how they relate to the human condition.

Sean Katzman is an entertainer of sorts. He is trained in using multiple different programs including, the Adobe suite of programs, Sony Vegas video editing software, Blender, and Audacity. He is interested in using the skills he’s developed over the years to help people, usually by way of giving them something to laugh at.

Mission Statement:

The LACC (Latin American Corruption Crusade) is a web project created to outline many of the struggles and difficulties Latin America faces while highlighting corruption being a particular focus. The project strives to not only bridge gaps such as language barriers and geographical complications, but also to present a convenient digital gateway for outside audiences to connect with the region and its people.

Though of course there are many resources to learn about Latin America present elsewhere on the web, LACC stands out as a unique introduction to the region’s issues in its collective presentation. The project grants users the material to make their own conclusion s about Latin American issues but ensures that its perspectives feel both lived and personal.

With the region facing a wide variety of social issues that pertain to the economic, legislative, and political sectors of society, a common concern initially is finding the root of them. As many of the region’s nations are underdeveloped, political corruption is able to flourish easily because of the disadvantages some countries may face in these same sectors.

Credits and Other Resources:

Latin America Vector by Anbileru Adaleru (The Noun Project)

World Flag Images via abflags.com