I Hate My Brain
A Project By David Jordan


I Hate My Brain is a website based around my life-long personal experience struggling with anxiety and depression. I Hate My Brain is meant to be a nonlinear journal of sorts documenting various events throughout my life where anxiety and depression have played major roles.

The main goal of I Hate My Brain is to successfully articulate the lifetime experience of the average person who is affected by anxiety and depression. As anxiety and depression affect sizable chunks of the American population (roughly 18% and 7%, respectively), this project is meant to convey the experience of having these disorders to people who do not suffer from them.

By educating people who are unfamiliar with the experiences provided by this project, another major goal is to reduce societal stigmatization that many have towards people suffering from anxiety, depression, and potentially other mental disorders.

As this project is intended to be added to and expanded upon beyond NM490, this will show that living with these disorders can extend longer than any set time period.